Repainting my bicycle


Hi guys,

How are you today? Did you like my previous post about my work? I hope you liked it.

Today I had some free time and decided to repaint my bicycle, because it had begun to rust. I love cycling, but I can’t afford new bicycle right now if something happens to mine. My bike is pretty new, It’s maybe 2 years old. Hahaha 2 years old, I’m treating it as a person. So I bought matte black spray paint and paper Scotch tape to protect the parts I do not have to paint. In general I had to paint only the handlebars, the seat and the step. First I had to tape everything, then I started painting it. After maybe 1 hour and a half, everything was ready. The final result really impressed me! I was shocked, this was my first time painting something. Before I was watching other people paint but I never did. I hope you like the final result too. Now I wonder what else to paint to make it look better.

Have a nice day!

P.S. The final result will come up soon.